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Homestead Spirits

Homestead Spirits is a joint venture by Cliff and Aysia Pirtle and Isaiah and Keri Lawson of Roswell. [include photo of the 4 of them]. With a desire to deepen the vertical integration of agriculture into a consumer product, Homestead Spirts was created to capture the hearts and history of this region while producing handcrafted farm-to-flask spirits.

Siblings Cliff Pirtle and Keri Lawson are 5th generation owners of Pirtle Farms, which currently cultivates over 2,700 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans, barley and other crops. They also maintain a production dairy farm with a herd of 11,000 cattle.

Isaiah Lawson has undergone special training and will be the distiller at Homestead Spirits. Lawson is also an aerial applicator (crop duster).

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Warm Atmosphere


What's coming in 2021

Plans for future products include

  • Bourbon whiskey made from non-GMO heirloom red corn
  • White corn whiskey (moonshine) that is 90 proof
  • Vodka derived from a milk protein
  • Blue agave spirit
  • Seasonal drinks
  • A line of mixers.


  • Tasting room
  • Viewable distilling room
  • Event area that will seat 164 people


Homestead Spirits already has merchandise for sales. Check out our selection. Shop


Homestead Spirits will be serving 10” brick-oven pizzas and will have commercial kitchen space for use with the event area.

Alcohol Mezcal Tequila Shots
Couple of a cheerful cafe workers indoors

Cliff and Aysia Pirtle

Coffee Business Concept - Portrait of small business partners standing together at their coffee shop

Isaiah and Keri Lawson


Meet Our Founders

Homestead Spirits will be located in the old Roswell Trading Company building at the corner of East 2nd Street & South Virginia Avenue.  The building, which is familiar to Roswell residents, is undergoing significant renovation and will be completed by summer 2021.